Company Formation

Most frequent questions and answers

Why choose us to register a company?

We are not an intermediary, nor an agent. We are a certified public accountant in California, and your business will be handled by a certified public accountant in person. While greatly improving the speed (we can get the government’s registration approval within 24 hours at the fastest) It can also avoid back-and-forth delay.

I am not in the United States, which state should I choose to register?

The company registration business provided by us covers all 50 states in the United States, but we recommend that foreigners (such as Chinese citizens who do not live in the United States) set up companies in the State of Delaware. The main reason is that if the foreign shareholders do not actually operate in the state of Delaware, the state does not require to submit income tax and state tax returns at the end of the year for those companies that do not operate entities in the state, submit only the minimum franchise tax ($175). There are two obvious advantages for foreigners to establish a company in Delaware: 1. Saving the company’s net income tax, 2. Saving accountant tax filing fees.

How can I check the authenticity of the company after registration?

Each state government has an official website where you can check your registered company name and related legal person, registered agent, registered address and other information for free. After registration, we can provide the official website of the state government to confirm the authenticity of the registered company.

What kind of pitfalls/traps exist in the registered company agents on the market?

We handle your business directly to avoid falsification by unscrupulous intermediaries in order to save costs, such as: false address, false registered agent, false submitter, etc.

What should I do after the company registration is completed?

When the company is registered and the information is transferred to you, for many agents/intermediaries this means the end of service; for us, it means just the beginning!

Whether you are starting a business in the United States, immigrating or operating an international brand in the United States, we can provide a full range of business support services to escort your new company and become your effective business assistant.

For the follow-up service, we will sign a formal electronic contract with you to provide all services such as annual review and tax declaration in the future, so as to relieve your worries.

Does your company provide guarantee?

After the company is registered, if there is no record on the government official website due to false information, we will double the compensation according to the contract.


Company registration starts from $99

It is suitable for customers who have already rented an office and hired employees in the United States and have a professional registered agent (company). We only provide filing and do not provide other services.

Popular Package

Business Package

It is suitable for foreign customers (like Chinese) who do not live in the United States. We provide local registered agent addresses, legal secretarial services, and keep in touch with the state government for your company representatives in accordance with US laws, and meet the basic regulatory requirements for company continuation.

Deluxe Package

On the basis of the business package, an expedited service (ranging from 1-3 working days) is added to this package. This package also includes a luxurious company opening kit (corporate seal, atomic seal, stock book, meeting minutes, stock classification, etc.)

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